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1. Name the three sectors of the supply chain. On what occasions could certain sections of the primary sector operate as retailers?

Primary sector
Secondery sector
Tertiary sector.
If  the products  are not going go through any kind of a process and sold immediately then primary sector can operate as retailers.

2. Give three examples of how Kellogg’s demonstrates good supply chain management. How can Kellogg’s make improvements both for its business and for the environment?
By handing  logistical side to profesional companies kellogg save time and money.
Kellogg has a system which minimize the waste and inefficiency.
Kellogg locate it’s business near products which reduces the transportation prices and also help it to keep the product fresh.
For improvement Kellog can locate it’s business near consumers
Use materials which are organic or human health and use advertisement for  effect custemers.

3. Why is it important for Kellogg’s to build good relationships with businesses in the tertiary sector?

To have good relationships in tertiary section is important because those supermarkets help them to have a good relationship with consumers. Creating displays which are easier for consumers to select from.
4. Evaluate the benefits of large manufacturers like Kellogg’s handing over the logistical side of their business to specialist companies like TDG.
By handing over logistical sides of their business  to professional companies Kellogg both saves time and money.  Since those companies are profesionels on their own subjects they are more efficient then Kellogg doing logistical side. Also Kellogg can but all of it’s effort to making 40 different cereals.

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